What is a needle-free injection?

A needle-free injection is an injection given with a device that uses a narrow jet of liquid rather than a hypodermic needle. Rather than using a needle to inject medicine, anaesthesia, insulin, or other medical or beauty injections, a needleless injection uses pressure to push a small stream of liquid through the skin and into the tissue. The method for achieving this is usually spring powered, though some have attempted it with CO2 gas or air. The spring method has become the most common for its safety and comfort.

A needle leaves a poor of medicine, while the technology in a needle-free injection device like the Comfort-in™ disperses and spread the medication with a uniform pray like pattern. This provides better and faster absorption.

The devices for giving needle-free injections have been called jet injectors or needle-free injectors. Sometimes they have been called needless injection systems as well. If you are familiar with science fiction, many movies and stories have devices that are called a hypospray, that work much in the same way as the Comfort-in™ needle-free injector.


The old style jet-injector guns, were cumbersome, painful and painful.

The first devices that were commercially available were invented in the 1960s by Aaron Ismach. He called his jet injector medical devices the Ped-O-Jet and Jet injector Gun. They were used for quick mass vaccination for smallpox and other vaccines. However, his device had many issues including that it was big and bulky. Additionally, it had washback and it had contamination problems. Later, in science fiction movies, the hypospray was introduced, which is a forefather to more modern devices.

Fast forward to the 2000s and with many attempts at making it better, the devices for needle-free injection have come and gone. Some were successful, some were not. A number of devices for a specific application (such as one-time use vaccine injections) have been developed. The Injex/Inojex was developed in California and then moved to Germany. That device had promise but eventually crumbled because of design flaws and manufacturing issues.

Now, the Comfort-in™ needle-free injection system is used around the world by both professionals and individuals and is back by rigorous testing as well as safety approvals.

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